The New (and improved) PDF Squeezer 4!

June 4, 2020
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Feast your eyes (and Mac) on the new features of the popular PDF Compression App

I’ve updated many features for PDF Squeezer 4 and left no stone unturned in doing so. With loads of new features in store, your life will become even easier.

New and Improved Features Include:

  • A Fresher Look
    I’ve redesigned the app from the ground up, leaving nothing untouched. Includes various big and small GUI enhancements to increase the app’s functionality and make it even more user-friendly

  • Better Workflow
    Waste no time finding the app with the Automator Action, Quick Action for the Finder and the Touch Bar, Folder Action, and a Command Line Interface

  • Ultimate Compression
    Many more compression profile options to remove unnecessary resources have been added and you can now share your profiles with others

  • Optimal Comparisons:
    It’s now even easier to compare files and different compression settings side by side


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