Remote Wake Up


Remote Wake Up

Wake up devices with a click of a button.

Netzwerkgeräte mit einem Klick aufwecken.

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Remote Wake Up is a tool that allows you to remotely switch on every Wake On Lan capable device. You can also wake up devices over the Internet. Additionally Remote Wake Up allows you to reboot, shut down and send other Macs to sleep.

Mit Remote Wake Up können Sie jedes Wake-On-LAN-fähige Gerät aus der Ferne aufwecken. Es lassen sich auch Geräte über das Internet aufwecken.

Do you have an Apple Script you'd like to execute on another Mac? With Remote Wake Up you can, making it a powerful tool that is only limited by what you can do with AppleScript.

Zusätzlich können Sie andere Macs ausschalten, neu starten, in den Ruhezustand schicken oder sogar AppleScripts übermitteln, die dann auf dem Zielgerät ausgeführt werden.


Customer Reviews



"I have tried for some time to wake up my computers over our LAN using a number of free and paid apps. None of them worked, except Remote Wake Up. It’s not the least expensive option out there, but the price for such an outstanding app is extremely reasonable, and it works. My only regret is that I did not find it earlier in my quest. Outstanding!"


"Gutes Programm, nutze es zum Aufwecken meines Mac Mini. Toll, dass auch ein ausschalten oder aktivieren des Ruhestands möglich ist. Super auch die Funktion Applescripts zu übermitteln."


"Been using this app without issue to wake my Synology NAS for some time now, the only thing missing was Status Bar control which this latest version has just added!"


"Again, Daniel did great job! With this soft I can use my Synology NAS in the most “green” way. On daily schedule device is switched off and on. In case need to access it when it is sleeping - voila, I can turn it on easy. The same with my MacMini :-) Grat functionality, easy to use and beautiful interface (as all the other apps from Daniel). Keep on going - waiting for next app."


"Sits very tidily in your menu bar and does the job perfectly. Pretty much instantaneous wake up. Fabulous!"


"Ich nutze das Programm erfolgreich um unsere 10 Rechner unserer kleinen Renderfarm aus dem Tiefschlaf zu holen."


Remote Wake Up

$ 9.99

macOS 10.11+
English, German