A Roadmap for Rocket Typist

April 18, 2020
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Good News for 2020

  • I am currently finishing an important update for PDF Squeezer. Once that is finished, I will continue to work on Rocket Typist.

  • Rocket Typist for iOS
    Bringing Rocket Typist to iOS is probably the number one feature request I get. I often do communicate with my iOS devices and have more than once wished to have access to my snippets. So it is in my own interest to have an iOS version of the app soon. The first version of the app will be more basic than the Mac version. The number one goal is to have easy access to the snippets on your Mac. So the iCloud synchronization should be included. You should also be able to use most of the macros (some won’t work because of iOS restrictions by Apple). But more on that later. At the moment I just have a small prototype running, but it looks like I did a good job and can reuse a lot of code from the Mac version, which will speed up the development.

    Updated Icons

  • rockettypist

    macOS (old)

    rockettypist new

    macOS (new)

    rockettypist ios


  • Update November 2020:

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