PDF Protector

PDF encryption made easy.

PDF Protector is an easy-to-use tool to encrypt or decrypt your PDF documents.

Set a password and let PDF Protector encrypt your documents to hinder others from opening it. You can also set a separate password that has to be known by everyone who wants to copy or print content of your your document.

Of cause PDF Protector also lets you remove any of these security mechanisms, providing you know the password. Since PDF Protector uses standard PDF functions, it does not matter which application has been used to encrypt the document initially.

If you have to to encrypt or decrypt a lot of documents with the same password, you can set a defult passwort to be used by PDF Protector.

Customer Reviews

"Very quick in place removal of password protection without the need to buy expensive Adobe tools."

Miken37 from the United States


荆楚男 from China

"Another “little pearl” . Just click and … it is done. Highly recommended to all!"

Bembi from Poland

"Ich habe die App bereits sehr lange in Benutzung, sie funktioniert zuverlässig und einfach, was will man mehr."

458 from Germany