Network Radar

Learn more about the devices in your network.

Network Radar is an easy-to-use network discovering and managing tool for iPhone and iPad that allows you to get detailed information about network devices. You can scan your local network with a tap of a button.

Everything you'd like to know.

Once Network Radar has scanned your network, it lists all found devices. Tap on one and see detailed information such as IP and MAC address, vendor name, DNS name, mDNS names, NetBIOS name, open ports, response time, or the Mac model identifier.

Network Tools.

Perform powerful network tools, such as Ping, Port Scan, Wake On LAN, or Whois.
Port Scan
Wake On LAN

There's even more.

Network Radar is not limited to your local network. You can also set a custom start and end address to scan just parts of a every network that is reachable from your device.

With it's intuitive user interface Network Radar is easy to use on all your iOS devices. It is a modern multi-threaded 64 bit cocoa application designed for iOS with a low surcharge on your network.

Customer Reviews

"This is a great app, very useful in my role as a system administrator. Responsive support and new features added regularly."

Progen77 from the United States

"Thank you, Daniel! Very handy tool to see the detailed info of active devices on the network. Very helpful for network managers to search for unauthorized devices that might be causing troubles."

JS_hotoke from Japan

"Хорошая тулза. Позволяет проверить сетевое окружение, показывает открытые порты. Все это вкупе с красочным дизайном."

D.O.R. from Russia

"This is one of those niche apps that make the App Store great. Very specific feature set, but therefore a great network utility. Works really well!"

Lex Postma from the Netherlands


iOS 8.4+